Meet Nina - Our Dietitian

Nina specialises in a wide spectrum of diet related issues for all ages, from children through to
adults. To name a few: Chronic health conditions (cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer),
weight management, auto immune diseases, mental health

“Let food be thy medicine”

I am Nina Evans, an accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist from Sydney’s Northern
Beaches. I have been inspired by food and nutrition from a young age and I strongly believe
that whole, natural foods should be the foundation of a healthy and balanced lifestyle- no
matter what age or walk of life. I am passionate about understanding your background and
medical history in supporting you to make the right food and lifestyle changes, that can be
maintained long term. One of my interests lies in the psychology around food. The background
to why we eat the way we do based on our feelings, emotions, hunger and needs plays a big
role in change. I specialise in private practice consulting and I am committed to providing
tailored nutrition advice and evidence based interventions for any nutritional issue.
I work with adults, children and families in all areas of nutrition and dietetics including but not
limited to:

General healthy eating for all stages of life
Weight loss and management
Pre-diabetes and insulin resistance
Diabetes – Type I, Type II, gestational
Heart health – cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease
Gastrointestinal – IBS, IBD, coeliac, diverticulitis, reflux
Food allergies and intolerances
Nutrient deficiencies
Thyroid function
Sports nutrition
Vegetarian and vegan eating
Eating disorders and disordered eating patterns

Can present workshops and presentations- workplaces, schools, sporting groups, community
groups, aged care facilities, retreats. Example topics:

 Heart health
 Gestational diabetes
 Irritable bowel syndrome/fodmaps
 Healthy school lunch box
 Corporate nutrition
 Workplace wellness