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Our Exercise Physiologists, Dietitans and Physiotherapists are registered allied health professionals. Rebates for their services may be covered partially or fully through: 

Medicare / Dept. Veterans Affairs / Workcover NSW / NDIS / Private Health Funds

Private Health Insurance :

Almost all private health insurance funds offer rebates for Exercise Physiology, Dietitian and Physiotherapy services. It is advised to contact your fund to determine your level of cover.


Medicare Individual sessions :

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition and/or complex care need, you may be eligible for funding through Medicare under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan upon suitable referral from your GP. 

You can find the Medicare referral form HERE


Medicare Group sessions :

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you may be eligible for an initial consultation and up to 8 group classes rebated through Medicare per calendar year upon suitable referral from your GP. 

You can find the referral form for group sessions HERE


Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) :

If you are an eligible Veteran with a DVA White or Gold card, you may be able to access Exercise Physiology, Dietitian and/or Physiotherapy services to treat a specific medical condition upon suitable referral from your GP or Specialist.

Referral Requirements: LMOs may either use a D904 Request / Referral Form, or their own stationary/letterhead, provided it contains the following information:

  • Veteran’s name
  • Veteran’s DVA file number (shown on the Repatriation Health Card)
  • Condition to be treated must be stated
  • Description of the requested service
  • Referral duration (e.g. 12 months)
  • LMO’s name and provider number and
  • Date of referral
  • Length of Referral: Patient’s referral will typically last for 12 months unless otherwise stated, or be an ongoing referral if stated as such on the referral. For referral to any health care provider, it is the LMO’s responsibility to provide the above information about a veteran to ensure that the provider understands the veteran’s medical history and to allow the provider to claim payment from DVA.

You can find the D904 referral form HERE


Worker's Compensation :

Rebound Health are a recognised EP provider, and deliver a comprehensive range of services for injury management and physical rehabilitation. If you require a physical conditioning program to successfully return to work, a referral from your GP or Physiotherapist can initiate the process.