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At rebound we believe that what we eat is just as important as how much we move our bodies. Without the necessary nutrients that the body needs it cannot operate at an optimal level. The amount, quality and type of foods eaten are all important aspects to consider as they can make the difference between a ‘somewhat healthy diet’ to an optimal diet that enables you to achieve your goals. The diet should be high in nutrients dense foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, grass fed meats, eggs and dairy if tolerated. It should be low in nutrient deficient foods such as sugar, refined grains and refined vegetable oils. The diet needs to be matched to each person’s unique metabolism, work/life routine, belief systems and cooking ability or else the healthiest diet in the world won’t be adopted and won’t work.

Adrian Adams is our resident associate nutritionist and naturopath. With a wealth of experience and university training he will treat you as an individual to develop a dietary pattern that is attainable, achieves your health goals and produces optimal health. We at Rebound Health realise that diet can be a confusing topic, however Adrian uses evidenced based practice to sift through the clutter of information to find your optimal dietary pattern. 

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