Rebound Runners Program


The average Recreational Runner often finds themself in two problem situations:

1. They develop a running-related injury, which is exacerbated without proper guidance or
an individualised plan of action in order to get back into running faster and better than
2. They encounter a performance plateau where their solution is to simply increase running
duration and intensity instead of running less with a more efficient means of attaining
performance gains.

The Rebound Runners’ Program is an individualised training system targeted towards
implementing a holistic approach to training that includes both resistance, and a variety of
running-based exercises to optimise performance and injury-prevention. This program is run
by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Accredited Running Coach, Jeff who will guide you
every step of the way both in and out of the clinic in order to get you ready to perform at your
best no matter what your running goals may be.

As both an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Running Coach (Level 2
Intermediate Recreational Running), an extensive understanding of the physiological and
biomechanical aspects of the human body is imperative towards developing an individualised
running training program. My passion for endurance running at the marathon and ultra-
marathon distances definitely drives my interest in this program however, after coaching
runners for a number of years, I have found that many recreational runners need an
opportunity for further development through implementing a well-rounded training approach
through education and guidance from an exercise and running professional.