8 Week 'Body transformation'


At rebound, we understand every journey is personal and more than just a physical transformation. Whether you have a few kilos to lose (or gain or), or a bigger journey, get in touch today to find out about how we can support you. rebound health’s practitioners can take you from tired, overweight, not coping and feeling unwell to balanced energy, increased mobility and enjoying life – not just getting by.


Do you fall into any of these categories?

  • Struggle to exercise due to fatigue or low motivation.
  • Normal workloads now seem overwhelming and you find you can’t cope.
  • Crave sugar, starch and alcohol to keep energy up throughout the day or to relax.
  • Sleep poorly and wake up tired and exhausted.
  • Libido has disappeared.
  • Feel sluggish, bloated and low in energy all the time.
  • Doctor has said you have high blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar levels.
  • Family history of diabetes, obesity or heart disease.

Rebound Health is offering a practitioner guided body transformation program designed to increase metabolism to burn fat, increase energy and give your body the boost it needs to feel 100% again. Within the program you will be coached through all aspects of a healthy lifestyle using treatments that are scientifically backed to achieve your results.

What is included:

  • Initial Assessment with an exercise physiologist & Nutritionist
  • 8 week program to reach body composition goals
  • Weekly face to face consultants with a qualified Nutritionist
  • Weekly body composition analysis
  • Bi-weekly classes with an Exercise Physiologist
  • Weekly coaching on Lifestyle and Exercise

This program is private health rebatable. Contact your fund to establish your refund amount according to your specific cover.

“I love running this program it gives me the chance to help people achieve their true health potential. It is the most comprehensive program we have to offer. We monitor your body composition precisely, provide support via 3 contacts per week with us and use the latest evidence to support predictable, positive results. Can’t wait to start!”  Adrian Adams, Nutritionist

To learn more call (02) 9907 6023 or send us an email