6-Week Body Transformation Program


Here's how we work.....

Dietitian Consults

The first initial appointment will be 90min, with subsequent follow ups as 45min consultations. Within this appointment your overall health is analysed, along with your dietary and lifestyle behaviours. Along with bio-impedance analysis to ascertain your fat, muscle and hydration levels. 

This is where your initial recommendations are formulated which are a meal plan, lifestyle guidelines and any nutritional or herbal supplementation is prescribed if applicable. 


Physiotherapy Consults

All appointments will be 45min consultations. In your initial your physical condition is assessed with primary focus on your current injury or physical impairments. Application of manual therapies such as massage, active release techniques and acupuncture are then used to reduce acute pain, stiffness and/or swelling. From there you are given exercises to strengthen muscles or stretching techniques to lengthen relevant muscles. The primary goal is to get your body able to do consistent exercise to achieve your goals. 


Exercise Physiology Consults

All appointments will be 45min consultations. In your initial your physical condition and ability to exercise are assessed. An exercise regime is discussed with you to achieve your goals within your current abilities and lifestyle constraints. Then weekly one on one exercise sessions are undertaken that are specific to you, which are progressive in nature following your improvement in fitness and range of motion. The exercise physiologist will have close ties to the physiotherapist if a prior injury has been treated before exercise to make sure the injury is progressively getting better with movement. An exercise physiologist’s role in injury rehab is to continue to retrain and strengthen the muscles to prevent the injury pattern reoccurring. 


The block system…

At Rebound Health we use our multidisciplinary team of practitioners to ensure you achieve your goals. Our “time block” system makes it simple for you to come and see which ever practitioner will be most beneficial and at a discounted price! Each time block is 45 minutes and costs $90. During your initial assessment you will decide which services (Exercise, Physiotherapy, Dietitian) will be most useful to you immediately – this is then reassessed with your input over the course of the program.


An example would be 2 blocks of Dietitian per month plus 2 blocks of Exercise Physiology per week. 

Any supplementation, take home exercise equipment or books will be an additional cost.


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