Archie Richards


Exercise Physiologist

Exercise for mental health
Golf rehab and performance
Falls prevention
Strength and conditioning

Why do you work in the Health & Fitness industry?
Exercise physiology combines two things that I’m very passionate about; helping people and exercise. I’m extremely lucky to work in a role where I can help people to perform meaningful movements and exercise to help them reach their health and activity goals.

What are you training for?
I train and play different sports year round, including touch football, golf, ultimate frisbee, basketball and baseball.

What is your typical training week?

I train or compete in different sports 4 times per week whilst also including 2-3 gym sessions where I’ll work predominantly on improving strength and reducing risk of injury. 

What is favourite/least favourite exercise?
Favourite - any team sport!

Least favourite - Planks and wall sits

'Go to' healthy meal/my best cheat meal?
Healthy - chicken and veggie stir fry with brown rice

Cheat meal - burger and chips

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) - University of Sydney

Master of Exercise Physiology - University of Sydney

Accredited Exercise Physiologist 

Accredited Exercise Scientist

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