Body Transformation Program

Have you been told that you need to exercise and eat less to transform your body? But have a list of barriers such as physical injuries, confusion about diet and lack of support?

Is your health impeding the things that you want to do in life?

Are these questions hitting home?

We are a multidisciplinary clinic of Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists, Dietitians and Physiotherapists and we use our skills in each discipline to address the health concerns of our clients on an individual basis.

Let’s face it, body transformation is not simple, so we need to tackle it from all angles and target the areas in your health that are impeding you achieving your goals. This may include:
 Diagnosed medical conditions (Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis)
 Physical injury or discomfort (Knee, Shoulder, Hip)
 Lack of direction in exercise and diet
 High levels of stress
 Lack of time and busy schedule
 Fatigue
 Lack of motivation

Whatever it is, we can help.

The block system…
At Rebound Health we use our multidisciplinary team of practitioners to ensure you achieve
your body transformation. Our “time block” system makes it simple for you to come and
see which ever practitioner will be most beneficial - and at a discounted price!

Each time block is 45 minutes and costs $90. During your initial assessment you will decide
which services (Exercise, Physiotherapy, Nutrition) will be most useful to you immediately –
this is then reassessed with your input over the course of the program.

You will not be in a big exercise group. You will not be given a nutrition program and left to your own devices. Our program works because it is individualised to you. 

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