Exercise & Cancer

If you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, exercise may be the last thing on your mind. A combination of medication, treatment and low energy can lead to a sense of fatigue, loss of strength and reduced quality of life, making it difficult to find the energy or motivation to be physically active.


Research has shown that inactivity may increase rates of recurrence for several cancers and may have an effect on survival. It is therefore important that you stay as active as possible during and after your treatment. Exercise has also been shown to improve some of the side effects of cancer treatment - both chemotherapy and radiotherapy - as well as managing the side effects of medication. 

In conjunction with your team at the Northern Cancer Institute, Rebound Health is proud to have developed and deliver the CanStrong Program. Designed by Exercise Physiologists who understand the demands treatment places on the body, we will guide you through what exercise is safe, and help recover lost energy and vitality. 

The program begins with an Initial Assessment with the Rebound Health team. This consultation allows us to learn more about you. Not only about your treatment and how you are responding but also allows us to assess your fitness level, and the type of exercise you will repined best to. Following the assessment, you have three options:

  1. One-to-one sessions - Individualised 30 minute consultations with our team of Exercise Physiologists. These sessions will allow us to focus on maintain your current level of fitness.

  2. Small Group sessions - Our small group classes have a maximum of 5 people and run for 60 minutes. We not only complete core strengthening and postural stabilising exercises, but we also include 8 educational components to the program. There are may misconceptions regarding exercise pre-, during, and post-treament, so we aim to give you the latest research regarding exercise, keep you motivated to keep moving and share your experiences with other clients who are going through treatment.

  3. Online Program - Our home-based 8 week program is designed to be able to be completed at home, or at your local gym. With ongoing support and clear exercise progression, this program will keep you on track and help you stay accountable. his program will include a Cardiovascular component, but the main focus is on maintaining flexibility and core strength. No additional equipment is required.

This program is run at the Northern Cancer Institute and Rebound Health Centres.


Initial Assessment - $145

One-to-one sessions (30 minutes) - $60

Group session - $40 casual, $350 for 10 session pack

The program is run at the Northern Cancer Institute and Brookvale. 

Medicare and Private Health rebates may apply. 

To learn more call (02) 9907 6023 or send us an email