Plantar Fascitis & Crossfit

Do you love Crossfit, but feel like your feet are letting you down when it comes to skipping (or double-unders), running or box-jumps?

Are you looking for a way to fix your plantar fasciitis?

For most recreational athletes or regular crossfitters, the demands that certain movements place in the structures of the foot are, on occasion, more than the capabilities of the actual tissues in the foot. Plantar fasciitis is the most common type of heel and arch pain that we see in the clinic. The athlete will usually get a “bruised” feeling in the heel or a cramping in the arch with repetitive activities, such as skipping, box jumps or running.

Can I keep training?

Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis is not like other injuries - in that you can’t simply “train through it”. The ‘itis’ part of the diagnosis implies inflammation. If you repeated inflame the area, or don’t give it adequate time for recovery, the ‘itis’ will get worse. That doesn’t mean dont train - pick movements that dont involve putting pressure on your feet. Like bench press ;)

What about footwear?

CrossFit athletes may be more prone to plantar fasciitis due to their flexible footwear and lack of arch support in those who overpronate. A common mistake that beginner athletes make is not understanding the correct footwear for the activity. Newer crossfit shoes do tend to be quite rigid around the midsole - so that they are durable and allow for easy transition between weightlifting and plyometric exercises. However, there may be an need for additional (or less) arch support - depending on the mechanics of your foot.

Our advice - get your feet checked to ensure that you have the right support for your feet!