Exercise and Lymphedema

Having lymphedema doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or won’t be able to exercise any more.

In fact, keeping physically active has many benefits. It stimulates the flow of lymph fluid and reduces swelling. It also helps keep your joints flexible, strengthens your muscles and improves your posture.

It’s important to start slowly and gradually build up what you do. You may have to avoid activities that put stress on the affected limb, and it’s important to break up activity by resting with your limb supported.

There are stretches you can do to reduce arm or leg swelling. Our Exercise Physiologists will design an individualised program specific to your needs, and ensure that you are exercising safely. It is important to remember to always wear your compression garment, and make sure you are breathing! Exercise should aim to stimulate the muscles and joints – not create more inflammation, so performing exercise under the watchful eye of an Exercise Physiologist is essential.

The Rebound Health CanStrong program is designed by experts, and runs from the Northern Cancer Institute in St Leonards. You can find out more information here

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