Posture and Improving Your Golf Swing

Let me say this right off the bat - there is no “perfect” posture. Every body is different, and we shouldn’t be trying to make everyone look the same - its never going to work.


There is an optimal posture for you. Particularly in a sport like golf where back pain (either during or after a round) and be quite common for people.

We have put together a resource that discusses the role that posture plays in the golf swing, what happens when your posture starts to slouch, and three simple exercises that you can do at home that will improve your posture - specifically for golf.

What is C-Posture?

C-Posture occurs when the shoulders are slumped forward at address and there is a roundness to the back from the tailbone to the back and neck.  This will force a player to keep their backswing short and wide or they will find it difficult to maintain posture.

 What are the Physical Causes?

C-Posture can simply be a result of poor set up position and can be corrected by physically adjusting the posture to a more neutral spine.  The most significant restriction this causes is the lack of thoracic spine extension (limited backward bend or arching of the upper back).  This can lead to a severe loss of spinal rotation, which in turn limits the ability to create a good backswing.

The Good News

The good news is that correct exercise can return your posture to a more neutral position, and thereby improve the biomechanics of your swing