Injury Prevention for Runners


Seems like a great idea to get yourself fit and healthy. Its outdoors, its free and runners seem to love it.  Whilst running is great for your overall health and well-being, injuries are very common, with research suggesting that up to 80% of runners will obtain an injury each and every year that they run.

So here are our top 5 tips for runners, to keep you motivated and injury free!

 1. Use SMARTE goals

SMARTE goals create a purpose and direction for training and can help with overall motivation. A long term goal is great, but remember it is important to also celebrate the little wins – creating short term goals along the way to your overall target is therefore crucial. 

What does the ‘E’ stand for I hear you ask….emotion. Its imperative to find goals that have a specific meaning to you. Otherwise its very easy to find excuses not to stick to your plan. 

2. Run in different environments and on various terrains

Runners who train on one surface or around the same circuits are at a higher risk of injury when they then go on to run in a different environment. Mixing up your training with a beach or trail run can do wonders to promote better lower limb and foot control and adaptations. 

Running is great, but injuries are not!

3. Runners need to increase strength too!

The facts are simple - strength training builds lean muscle mass, and lean muscle mass makes for stronger resilient bodies. Strength training can also create more efficient movement patterns.

End result - A stronger body with better movement patterns will be less likely to get injured while you are racking up those kms!

4. Developing mobility is just as important as strength

If your body does not have the joint mobility available to move freely through a required range, strength alone will not save them from injury. This is particularly important for the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves for runners

5. Schedule in specific sessions aimed at recovery and/or injury prevention

Training sessions aimed at active recovery and/or injury prevention have better compliance when they are regularly scheduled in to a program. Making them a routine from the start of a program works better than trying to implement them after your body begins to break down

Follow these 5 simple tips and you will have yourself a great injury-free spring of running that lets you hit your fitness goals for summer! If you would like any advice regarding any of the above tips, or anything else running related, feel free to get in touch with us here at Rebound Health!

Trust in those who practice what they preach! At Rebound Health, we are avid runners ourselves, so we not only have the knowledge to help with your running, but we have most likely been through similar experiences at some stage along the way and can relate to your pain and frustration!

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