I have to have a Knee Replacement - now what?

Get strong. Fast


There are a myriad of clinical reasons why you may have been advised to get a knee replacement - from Osteoarthritis, to injury to cartilage damage and wear and tear. 

Whatever the reason, you need to get moving now. 

Exercise is pivotal in the pre-habilitative phase as it will improve joint stability, improve strength in the muscles surrounding the knee, and most importantly, research shows that a thorough pre-hab program will shorten recovery times post-surgery. 

"But what about the pain". I hear you. 

 Im not going to sugar-coat it...yes there may be some discomfort. We will do a comprehensive functional assessment to determine load-bearing capacity and range of motion requirements. This will be performed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists who understand the functional anatomy of the knee join and deliver an appropriate resistance training program that you can easily follow – either at home, the the gym, or supervised with us. 

The program will prepare you for surgery, and optimize your recovery.

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