3 Weightloss Tips for Men Over 55

If you’re over the age of 55 - you probably dont want to waste your time with exercise routines that dont work, or that dont give you a big ‘bang for buck’.

Fair enough.

The Northern Beaches provides a wonderful landscape to exercise outdoors, as well as in the gym. Both are vitally important to lose weight and keep healthy.

Tip #1 - Lift Weights

Walking is not enough to keep you in fighting fit form.

Lifting weights and going to the gym is essential in developing muscle mass. For all men over 55, developing muscle is key to preventing pain, staying strong and preventing chronic disease - such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

Moreover - you need to be strength training at least 3 times per week - hitting all of the major muscle groups.

Tip #2 - Technique is Key

Posture, and lifting weights with perfect form is the most pivotal aspect when it comes to staying injury free and see benefit from the exercises you’re doing. There’s no reason why men over 55 shouldn’t be squatting, deadlifting and shoulder pressing. But working with an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist as your coach will ensure that you are being effective, and learning how to perform the movements properly.

Tip #3 - HIIT is Here to Stay

Here are some top benefits of low impact, HIIT vs Steady-state cardio:

  • HIIT requires shorter overall workout time for better results.

  • HIIT Increases your metabolism for hours after your initial workout is completed – this is called “the afterburn effect.”

  • Studies show that HIIT can be up to 9 times more effective than traditional cardio like jogging at burning fat long-term

  • With HIIT, there is much more variation so you won't get bored with doing the “same old” workouts.

  • Studies show that HIIT can help lower glucose levels and aid with type 2 diabetes

A low impact HIIT workout will only take you 20 minutes and can be done on any piece of cardio equipment.

It consists of 1 minute burst of high intensity, then 1 minute at lower intensity.

An example would be walking on a treadmill at 3.5mph (5 km/h). Your HIIT workout would look like this:

  • Walk for 1 minute at a 1% gradient.

  • Increase the gradient to 6% for 1 minute for your higher intensity.

  • Continue to alternate between 1% and 6% gradient every minute for 20 minutes.

As you get fitter, you can increase the gradient or increase the speed.

While it is common for men over 55 to experience back pain, neck pain, diabetes, cancer, or other forms of chronic disease, much of this can be prevented and improved upon with the guidance from an Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist.

Rebound Health Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist are experts in delivering strength and flexibility program for men over 55. With locations in warriewood, avalon and Brookvale, we will make sure that you are exercising effectively, and improve your strength.