Stretching is not just for runners!

If you have increased the amount of walking you usually do during “Steptember” there is a good chance you have noticed certain muscles feeling tighter or more sensitive than usual. If you allow this to go un checked it can develop into an injury. The good news is I have prepared a very simple stretch routine that will help you keep on walking without pain.

So we have 3 stretches:
Calf Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Quads Stretch

If these muscles are tight then I recommend 30-60 seconds of effective stretching daily (for
each of the 3 stretches). Effective stretching requires the correct position but also the right
amount of tension. Stretching is not a “more pain more gain” situation. Your body identifies
pain as a threat and your body will prevent you from achieving flexibility improvements if it
feels under threat. Stretching needs to be pain free. I usually encourage people to generate
a 6-7/10 stretch feeling which is a firm stretch but not painful – at all.

6-7/10 is a very useful guide – and “effective stretching” requires you make use of it. How?
you ask… Well if a stretch starts off at 6-7/10 but after holding the position for 20 seconds
the stretch now feels like a 4-5/10 then you can go a bit further into the position to bring
the stretch feeling back up to 6-7/10!

I have provided pictures of these stretches below but feel free to ask any of us here at
Rebound if you would like a demo!