Frequently Asked Questions

How many Classes can I attend each week? 

It depends on the membership that you have!We have either 2-day or unlimited membership options available.

Most of our clients start with twice to build up a good routine, then go up when they need more!

Do I need to be fit before I start?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked, and the answer is no.

Doing PrimeFit is how you get fit!

Many people think, “I’ll start as soon as I get fit”, only to find themselves in the same position 6 months later.

We cater for all fitness levels, and the exercises are tailored to you as an individual, so your fitness level is not key factor.

What if I have never trained before?

Everything in our program is designed to be scalable - whether you are a seasoned professional or a first–time gym goer.

Our On Ramp Program ensures that you learn the basics, technique and movements as well as understand more about your body and where you are. As you become more proficient, we can increase intensity in order to ensure progression

Will I bulk up?

In one word, no.

When you participate in our gym program, you will be doing a combination of disciplines and exercises, from resistance exercises to interval training to balance and cardio. Along with a proper and healthy diet,  this combination of disciplines means that your body will change, more often than not by losing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass. This is important because the more muscle you have, the less fat your body carries and the more calories you burn. This means that your body becomes toned and with more definition but importantly, your anaerobic and aerobic systems improve, making you healthier, fitter and stronger overall.

What if I have never lifted weights before?

Lifting weights is vital for increasing strength, improve posture and lose body fat and it should be a fundamental component of any training program. Just because you haven’t lifted weights before does not mean you can’t take part in our program. Our On Ramp Program will run through basics and technique and our Classes will continue to build on this foundation.

In fact, we find many times it is easier to train people who haven’t used weights before, as they haven’t picked up bad habits that can be hard to correct. We have also found many women who have never lifted weights before to have very good technique as they rely less on their natural strength to lift weight.