Ian Murphy



Diabetic foot care including wounds
General Foot Care 
Gait Analysis 

Why do you work in the Health and Fitness Industry?

Most of my family members have some form of medical and health background so my interest in health and wellness started at a fairly young age. I have also always loved playing sports and generally keeping fit and healthy.

What are you training for?

I am not training for anything in particular at the moment; any free time I have I spend it on the golf course. My aim is to extend my health span with a variety of targeted diet and exercise ideas.

What is your typical training week?

I recently became a father to a beautiful baby girl so my wife and I are still trying to navigate our way through the fog.

What is your favourite/least favourite exercise?

I love playing sport as it doesn’t feel like exercise to me. I also enjoy resistance training. I guess I much prefer being outdoors as opposed to any exercise indoors.

Go to healthy meal/ favourite cheat meal?

Guilty pleasure - a bag of salt & vinegar chips
Healthier option - steak & vegetables 


BSc Podiatry