IBS Program

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

Do you want to be able to enjoy the foods that you love, in the social environment that we all crave…without worrying about the side effects?

Understand Your Diet

Researchers at Monash University have identified a specific group of foods which have been shown to trigger IBS symptoms, known as FODMAPs

A low FODMAP diet can help approximately 75% of those with IBS symptoms and has helped millions of people to alleviate their symptoms, however it is not designed to be followed long-term

Our dietitian has a particular interest in digestive health and is passionate about the success of specialised low FODMAPs diets

How We Help IBS Sufferers

Our dietitian will guide you through an evidence-based three-step process.

She will:

1. Teach you how to follow a low FODMAPs diet correctly

2. Challenge high FODMAP foods. After symptom improvement, she will guide you through a reintroduction phase where high FODMAP foods are ‘challenged’. This will identify your unique tolerance to FODMAP containing foods

3. Personalise a diet to alleviate IBS symptoms, based on your challenge results. This is tailored to your lifestyle with no unnecessary restriction so you can eat well and live better!

Did You Know

Did you know, following the low FODMAPs three-step process has been shown to be

more successful under the ongoing supervision of an accredited practising dietitian

(APD)? What’s more, research has indicated that following a low FODMAPs diet in

the long-term may cause a change to our good gut bacteria. This is why it is

important to seek professional advice!