Kate Day


Exercise Physiologist

Falls prevention
Pre/post rehabilitation
Metabolic disease

Why do you work in the Health & Fitness industry? 
I've always loved playing sport and living an active life.  For me it is a great way to keep social with friends and it always leaves me feeling physically and mentally stronger.  I would like to help others experience these benefits and gain knowledge of how they can live a happier, healthier life and reduce their risk of chronic disease.  

What are you training for?
It is important to me that I can play my best each week in soccer.  This is partly achieved through training and maintaining strength, mobility and cardiovascular fitness. I also enjoy training as it helps me to destress and leaves me feeling happier and more energised!

What is your typical training week?
Every week is different.  I like to mix up what I do whether it be a strength session at the gym or a walk with friends it just depends on how im feeling and how much time I have.. 

What is your favourite/least favourite exercise?
I love! - squats
I hate! - High intensity cardio

‘Go to’ healthy meal / my best cheat meat?
'Eating Good' - Quinoa Salad with plenty of fresh vegetables and nuts with a lemon and dijon mustard dressing
Guilty Pleasure - I cant go past a slice of baked cheesecake

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology - UNSW
Accredited Exercise Physiologist - ESSA

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