Kate Wood


Exercise Physiologist


Musculoskeletal Conditions

Weight loss and Metabolic Conditions

Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Functional Fitness

Why do you work in the Health and Fitness Industry?

I believe movement is medicine. In my opinion, movement/exercise is underutilised as a preventative medicine for chronic disease and mental wellness. Todays’ busy lifestyle sees most of the population moving less, eating more, sleeping less with increased stress levels related to daily living. These factors all play a role in negatively affecting our optimum physical and mental health.

For me, exercise/movement/sport/activity has always provided me with enjoyment not to mention the increased physical and mental health attained whilst being active. Exercise helps me be the “best version” of myself. I have always wanted to share this knowledge and passion for movement with others.

What are you training for?

I plan to complete the Tough Mudder Obstacle Course (9km) this weekend and the Big Swim (Palm Beach to Whale Beach 2.5km) in Jan 2019

What is your typical training week?

A variety of different forms of exercise. I try and do something on 6 days of the week for between 30min and 90min. As I get older, I try to tune in to what my body wants/needs on a particular day and go with this, rather than have a strict regime. This activity might be a High Intensity Interval Session on my spin bike, a weight based strength session, a bodyweight based mat session, a jog, Vinyasa Yoga, a hike in the bush, a trail run or maybe just a few laps swimming in our beautiful rockpools here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

What is your favourite/least favourite exercise?

I love any movement in nature and when I’m feeling great, anything vigorous and challenging ‘where I’m huffing and puffing!’

I dislike gymnastics and acrobatics.

‘Go to’ healthy meal / my best cheat meal?

Any fancy salad created with heaps of leafy greens and coloured veg, a few roasted nuts, some grilled haloumi, fetta or marinated goats cheese with plenty of chopped fresh herbs dressed with a homemade honey, garlic mustard dressing served with a side of protein. 

A sneaky glass of red or 2 and dark chocolate 


Bachelor of Arts in Human Movement Studies (BHumanMovSt.) University of Technology, Sydney.

Diploma of Education (Dip Ed.), University of Technology, Sydney.

Diploma of Remedial Massage (Dip RM) Nature Care College, St Leonards.

Diploma of Remedial Therapies (Dip RT) Nature Care College, St Leonards.