Lucy Carpenter


Lucy Carpenter


Weight management
Diabetes & cholesterol management
Non-diet approaches to nutrition & mindful eating

Why do you work in the Health & Fitness industry?
I believe good nutrition can make a truly positive impact on everyone’s lives and their physical and mental wellbeing. I love helping people make sustainable and achievable healthy changes tailored to their lifestyles, any medical conditions and personal goals. I also enjoy empowering my community with accurate and up to date nutrition information, it can be confusing with all the conflicting advice out there!

What are you training for?
I enjoy exercising for the physical and mental wellbeing benefits. I don’t need to train for anything in particular, however I will be training for my next big ocean swim in Greece!

What is your typical training week?.
I aim for at least 30 minutes exercise each day except Sunday (rest day!), as it boosts my energy levels. I aim to include 2 vigorous intensity sessions a week with 3-4 moderate intensity sessions.

What is favourite/least favourite exercise?
Anything outdoors in nature! My favourites include horseriding, surfing, ocean swimming, hiking and soccer when I can. Favourite indoor activities include yoga and dancing.

'Go to' healthy meal/my best cheat meal?
The Mediterranean style of eating. I love a traditional oily fish (salmon/sardines) cooked with herbs and lemon, and a leafy green salad including cucumber/tomato/red cabbage/carrot and feta, dressed with olive oil and vinegar, accompanied by wholemeal pita bread and hommus or tzatziki.

I believe in everything in moderation. My favourite ‘comfort’ foods include pasta with a tomato sauce and cheese; eggplant parmigiana and cauliflower gratin. I also love a homemade pear and berry crumble and chocolate coated nuts!

Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Nutrition & Metabolism). University of Sydney.
Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours). University of Newcastle.

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