Becoming a new mother is so exciting ...
... but it can also be so exhausting 

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A variety of aches and pains are super common after having a baby! 


Your body has undergone so much change in a relatively short amount of time. One day you're pregnant, the next you've got a baby in your arms! All of this happens so quickly that your body doesn't really have a lot of time to adapt! 

On top of the physical changes that your body goes through, you now have different activities to repeatedly perform throughout the day as well!

 Picking up your baby over and over
 Leaning over their cot
 Holding your baby in your arms

All of this adds up to tension through your upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders!

The causes of your pain may be due to muscles or nerves and can range from a dull ache to more sharp shooting pains. Regardless, it's important to get these seen to and treated as soon as possible to get back to enjoying time with your new addition to the family!

So, what can we do about all of this?

Our Team of Expert Physios can help you with:

Technique! We can teach you how to hold your little bubs whilst taking pressure off of sore body parts. E.g. - Are you rounding your shoulders and upper back during breastfeeding or when holding your baby?

Stretches! We have lots of great stretches we can show you to keep on top of any tight muscles that develop. We also show you how to use tools in order to massage your sore muscles yourself at home. We wish you had the time to pamper yourself every day, but we promise this will be the next best thing!

Strengthening Exercises!: You can't go wrong with getting strong! Strengthening your back, neck and shoulder muscles have been proven to help with aches and pains that you may develop. These muscles need to adapt to motherhood, but often new mothers are unsure what is good or not so good for them! We can help take the guess work out of things and prescribe an exercise program that is perfect for you!

Book your Women's Health appointment below and get your aches and pains assessed today!