Osteoarthritis Program


Rebound Health's Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Program is a specialised exercise and lifestyle program with the goal of delivering the most efficient, cost-effective, quality care to individuals who:

  • Suffer from painful osteoarthritis and need to improve joint health and daily function

    • Knee Osteoarthritis

      1. Hip Osteoarthritis

  • Are scheduled for arthroscopy, total hip or knee replacements

  • Are on a waiting list for surgery

  • Require weight loss prior to surgery

  • Want to Improve function before or after surgery

  • Require rehabilitation services not offered in hospital

The program has an experienced team of Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists who have developed an evidence based exercise rehabilitation program to suit any individual’s needs, osteoarthritis severity or rehabilitation stage. Assessment measures and client progress are reported to their specialists and GP so they are kept up to date with clients care. Depending on individual needs and treatment plan, rehabilitation can be  undertaken at home, under supervision at one of our four convenient locations, or a combination of both options.

Attending for a supervised group exercise classes will not only reinforce correct techniques and improve motivation, but will also allow optimal and pain free progression of your exercises.

Exercise Assessment & treatment plan

This is where your Exercise Physiologist will assess the physical and functional limitations associated with your pain, osteoarthritis or injury. A specific treatment plan will then be developed depending on your phase of rehabilitation, and if time permits, a home program may be prescribed. Depending if you have any additional comorbidities that need to be addressed a subsequent appointment may be required.

Nutritional Assessment

What we eat is an integral part of how healthy we are. This applies to the health of our joints to prevent osteoarthritis, managing it and in some cases along with physical therapies removing the pain of the condition completely. Joints that are inflamed are crying out for repair - and without the proper nutrients coming from food that repair does not occur. Additionally, certain foods can raise inflammation and others can decrease it. This is where our Nutritionists and Dietitian's can assess what you are eating and advise you what foods reduce inflammation, provide nutrients to heal joints and if weight is putting pressure on your joints assist you in getting it off. You will walk away with a detailed assessment of areas you need to improve on in food and a detailed plan how to do it.

Home and Clinic Program Development

Depending on your phase of rehabilitation and needs, a specific and individualised home and clinic based programs will be prescribed. This will involve a combination of weight bearing and gym based equipment activities.

Supervised group exercise sessions

This can be done as either twice weekly attendance over 5 weeks, or once weekly attendance over 10 weeks. Each class is fully supervised by an Exercise Physiologist. You are guided and monitored during each class and progressions are made throughout your attendance. Reassessment and review is advised following 5-10 weeks.