Welcome to Rebound

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Get Quicker, Better Results - For Life

We know you want to return to the activities, sports, career and life you love as soon as possible. 
So, when you visit us for treatments, we'll:

  • Identify exactly what the source of your problem is;

  • Provide you with evidence-based treatment to kick start your recovery immediately;

  • Create a tailored solution to help you get the sustainable, long-term results that you have always wanted.

We treat and heal all injuries and pain problems, for all kinds of people: Families, Athletes (elite, school and weekend warriors), anyone who wants to feel real improvements, fast. Whether it's a recent problem, or something you've been living with for years, we can get you back to enjoying the pain-free, healthy life you've been missing.

At Rebound Health, we allocate 45 minutes for initial and subsequent physiotherapy sessions in order for us to be able to assess all aspects of your condition with the aim to find the underlying cause; not to just treat the symptoms.

Your detailed assessment may include;

  • Muscle strength, control, power and endurance tests

  • Flexibility and joint range of motion measures

  • Functional movement assessments

  • Sport-specific screenings 

If you're not assessing, then you're guessing...

At Rebound we ensure that we give you and your condition the time it deserves as we are passionate about you returning to the activities you love pain free. Sometimes, pain can be complex - and it takes a longer time to assess correctly. Thats why we have longer appointments as standard - that means a more accurate diagnosis, more specific rehab program and ultimately, less total consultations.


What Makes Us Different?

We Help You Understand 
Your Injuries & Your Body

You should know and understand what is happening with your body. So we empower you with the knowledge you'll need to feel well and stay well.

We Always Dedicate 100% Of Your Session Time To You

We don't believe in rushing appointments and we don't believe in treating more than 1 patient per time slot. 100% of your appointment time is dedicated to you and only you.

We Assist Throughout The 
Whole Recovery Process

Your recovery program is tailor-made to suit YOUR personal goals, to achieve the long-term sustainable results that you've always wanted.