Post Natal Exercise Classes


Postnatal Exercise Program

At Rebound Health we offer a Postnatal Group Exercise Program run by an Exercise Physiologist for new mums and their baby. These classes are designed to help you rebuild your strength and fitness in a safe and social environment.   Each one-hour class will have a maximum of five mums and their babies to allow the Exercise Physiologist to adapt the program to the current level of each mum. 

Our classes are mat-based with the use of equipment such as Swiss balls, therabands and medicine balls. The main focus of the classes is to help you to restore and improve your strength in your core and pelvic floor muscles.  

Prior to participating in the class we will complete a thorough assessment to understand what you would like to gain from the classes and address details such as pregnancy related pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor complications and postural weaknesses.     We recommend you gain clearance from your doctor before commencing our program.