Sol Reinhardt



Rehabilitaive Exercise Prescription
Persistent Condition / Pain Management   
Active Release Techniques
Manual Therapy

Why do you work in the Health & Fitness industry?
Because I love it! I've always enjoyed exercise and that led to me working as a Fitness Coach. Over the years I came to rely upon the help of some incredible Physiotherapists to get my clients and myself back on our feet ASAP if we were ever injured. These relationships inspired me to become a physiotherapist and it was one of the best decisions of my life. 

What are you training for?
Life, Work & Play - open to suggestions!

What is your typical training week?
24/7 husband and father of two sons - does that count? 
I go to the gym 3x a week and enjoy active weekends in the garden!

What is favourite/least favourite exercise?
I love! - longer workouts - an endurance running background has not put me in the best place for super high intensity short ones. 

'Go to' healthy meal/my best cheat meal?
'Eating Good' - BBQ Steak + 3 veg

Guilty pleasure - I love Nachos 

B.A. Psychology and History
B.App.Sc. Exercise and Sport Science
Master of Physiotherapy

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