Telehealth Consultations

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth involves using communications technology like Skype, video calling and phone calls to provide health services like assessments and advice. At Rebound Health, we offer high-quality telehealth services for customers in remote or regional locations who are unwilling or unable to travel. Our telehealth services are quite varied, but common examples are:

- Dietitian Assessment, Meal Planning and Individual Menu Development

- Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Guidelines

- Exercise Physiology Consultation and Exercise Planning


    The days of therapists drawing exercises on scraps of paper is (thankfully!) over!

    At Rebound Health we use Physitrack Exercise Prescription Software to allow us to deliver high quality, easy to follow exercise guides to our clients. Physitrack allows instant messaging to your Practitioner, so you are able to contact them 24/7 and troubleshoot any questions about your program. it also allows us to program for you for up to 6 weeks in advance - thereby becoming less reliant on seeing your practitioner regularly. 

    What about Manual Therapy?

    Ask any Physiotherapist who has their finger on the pulse - manual therapy is becoming less and less important in rehabilitation. What is important is getting moving safely and effectively - as quickly as possible. 

    What is important is accurate and clear diagnosis of the problem, and development of a robust treatment protocol that is easy to follow. Thats why we put a lot of emphasis on the initial consultation. During your Initial Consultation we will spend up to 1 hour learning about you, your injury or condition and develop a program that you understand with clear expectations. 


    Open communication is absolutely pivotal in rehabilitation. To have to wait days or weeks to review with your practitioner to ask simple questions can delay your recovery and become costly. With the technology that we use, you are able to message your Practitioner any time day or night, and get a response within 24 hours. The communication happens through PhysiApp - a secure messaging system

    How to Start

    1. Contact us at

    2. We will send through secure forms for you to fill in, and you can send us through any diagnostic reports you might have relating to your injury or condition. 

    3. Once we have reviewed your history and forms, we will set up a time to conduct the Initial Consultation with your treating Practitioner.