Breakthrough Back Pain

If you’re on the Northern Beaches, we are the solution to your back pain.

Whether pain is in your lower, or upper back - we have proven strategies that will assist in getting rid of acute back pain, and developing specific and tailored exercise programs that will prevent it from returning - so that you can enjoy life and adventure!


Back Pain Treatment - Symptom Relief

Do you get flare ups of an old back injury?

Are you looking for ways to manage those flare-ups yourself?

At Rebound Health - our primary goal is always to teach our clients how to self-manage their back pain with exercises, stretches and strength.

There are times, however when clients can get an aggravation of their back pain. During these times, a visit to the Physiotherapist can assist in reducing the acute pain, reduce inflammation and restore movement to the joints. This is done by hands-on treatment, massage, dry needling and A.R.T. (Active Release Technique).


Specialised Exercise Programs for Back Pain

Every body is different, and the underlying reason why clients develop back pain can differ from person-to-person.

It could be due to ergonomics (or poor setup at you workstation), or due to core strength or posture, or due to a specific injury.

Whatever the cause, an individualised assessment by our team of Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapist can identify the correct movement patterns, and develop an individualised exercise program that will assist in taming your back pain.

So What is the Solution to Back Pain?

The best why to overcome back pain (upper or lower) is through a individualised exercise and strengthening program, monitored and constantly reviewed by an expert team of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.