Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietitians have clinical training to advise clients on specific nutritional management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, weight management, cancer, food allergies and intolerance. 

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6 Week Weight Loss Program

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Do you have Type 2 diabetes?

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Apprehensive about seeing a Dietitian?

We're not that scary! Read our common misconceptions about coming to see a Dietitian, and how we can help get you back on track!

Medicare, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and private health funds offer a rebate for services provided by our Dietitian.

If you have a health problem that can be improved with diet, then you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to five sessions with a Dietitian under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Your GP can tell you if you are eligible. 

Most private health funds offer rebates for consultation fees for visits to a private practicing APD. Please contact your health fund to check your eligibility.