Why Rebound?


At rebound, our success comes through comprehensive and evidence-based assessment, personalised programming, and a holistic 'goals based' approach to health. We aim to provide powerful, positive lifestyle change within our community

How We’re Different

We Assist Throughout The 
Whole Process

Your recovery program is tailor-made to suit YOUR personal goals, to achieve the long-term sustainable results that you've always wanted.

We Help You Understand Your Body

You should know and understand what is happening with your body. So we empower you with the knowledge you'll need to feel well and stay well.

We Always Dedicate 100% Of Your Session Time To You

We don't believe in rushing appointments and we don't believe in treating more than 1 client per time slot. 100% of your appointment time is dedicated to you and only you.


Happy Clients

“Very professional and seemed to be very good in understanding my requirements. They made me feel special and they listen!! Great start and can’t wait to get the program started.”
— Julie H.
“The telephone contact I had yesterday with Rebound was very informative - he answered all my questions. The Exercise Physiologists are very competent - great listener and happy to tailor certain exercises to individual’s needs. Also helps that they are friendly and have a sense of humour. Hence contact with staff has been professional and personable. Thank you, ”
— Frances H.
“Punctual, professional, welcoming and you are treated with kindness and respect”
— Michelle S.