Danielle O’Brien


Practice Manager

Why do you work in the Health & Fitness industry?
I enjoy being part of something that can create a positive change in people’s lives.

What are you training for?
No specific event, i train purely for me and how it makes me feel. I feel better and have more energy when I exercise. 

What is your typical training week?
I do 3 training sessions a week (although I would like to do 4)

What is favourite/least favourite exercise?
I love! - Anything which can involve hanging out with my family such as bike riding, bush walking, beach jogging/walking 

I hate! - Shoulder press

'Go to' healthy meal/my best cheat meal?
'Eating Good' - Baked salmon with veggies

Guilty pleasure - Burritos are a quick family favourite 

Cert iv in Administration, Metropolitan Business College
Cert iv in Media and Media studies TAFE