Tips for overcoming nerves in the gym

A new gym, group class, or training environment can be overwhelming or even a bit intimidating. Whether you are new to exercise, recovering from an injury or illness, or wanting to try something new but not sure if it’s right for you or where to start. Nerves, feelings of anxiety, or lack of confidence can be a huge barrier to getting the most out of training sessions. Here a 5 tips to help get those first time butterflies to fly in formation:


1.    Choose a training style you enjoy - If you are happy with and look forward to your workouts this drastically increases adherence - the likelihood of you actually doing them and making them a part of your routine. Why turn up for a 5km run when you hate running, when you could choose a swimming, boxing, circuit, or HIIT style session instead? Make training something you love to do, not just another ‘chore’ to tick off?  Your Exercise Physiologist can work with you to find or adapt a training style you love.


2.    Go in with a plan - Walk in to the gym or a new group class knowing what to expect and exactly what you’re there to do. This helps to avoid feeling overwhelmed by choice, second guessing yourself, or using half of your precious time just decide what to do or where to start. 


3.    Be confident that your plan is right for you - A personalised program by your Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist ensures your program is safe, effective, and that you are performing the right exercises for YOU. They will take into consideration anything that may affect the way you train or what exercises you choose. Everyone is unique - what works for one may not be right for you.


4.    Bring a buddy - whether this be a training buddy, friend, partner, training your a buddy or in a group of like minded people can work to increase motivation, accountability, as well as adding a valuable social element you your day. 


5.    If you are not sure ASK! Your EP, physio, or gym floor staff are more than happy to help you, in fact we’d love to! If you are not sure what an exercise is or if you are performing it correctly or even how to adjust a machine or use set up a piece of equipment - we are here to help!

Andrew DaubneyRebound Health